DIY Paper Pinwheel Wall


I’m doing a little redecorating during naptime using things I already have around the house. With Chickadee’s current eating/napping schedule I don’t have time to go out searching for new decor, so we are working with what we have friends! Today my focus was our master bedroom. If you recall from this post about stained wall art and this one about what I did with the old window on our dresser the room has come a long way from when we moved in!

As you can see the room is constantly changing and yesterday it did again. I moved the “trust your story” sign from above the bed to the old window.


And the burlap wreath that was on the window is now hanging out on the front door welcoming both our guests and summer!


And it was all of these relocations that prompted my need to create something for over the bed once again. Hence the accordion paper pinwheels….


I used the same technique as when I created this AUBURN banner for a tailgate a few seasons ago, so click on this tutorial to see the play by play. It is so simple and not very time consuming. All the paper is from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I was able to knock out all 12 pinwheels during one 1.5 hour naptime. I added a button in the center using hot glue. Then hung them on the wall using straight pins.


I am really happy with how it all turned out! You also might have spotted a new bedside table.



It’s called the Brusali nightstand and we picked it up at IKEA over the Memorial Day weekend. During the assembly process I only messed up twice! I hope I have the same luck with the other piece we purchased. I’ll be sharing it’s new home in our guest bedroom soon. 


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