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It’s amazing how quickly my time disappears in a day. Most of my hours are designated to taking care of my sweet baby girl, however during weeks like one it seems there are no hours left to spare, because Chickadee has decided now that she is 6 months old she no longer wants to nap for more than 30 minutes at a time (all tips welcome)! It a wonder I ever get anything finished and up on this little ole blog. There are so many projects that are piling up on my to do list that sometimes when I am lucky enough to find a quiet moment during naptime I don’t know where to start. But this day…..I did.

So I tend to change the wall colors in our house as often as the SEC goes to the National Championship game. I believe in the 4 years we have lived in our house there are only two rooms still wearing their original paint color. Some rooms received stripes, while others got beadboard, most just got a new color all around.  However, when painting rooms there is one oversight that I always allow to happen…..the inside of the windows, never get painted (between the curtains and blinds you can hardly tell, right?).

Exhibit A: The Kitchen….I first painted it green, now it’s a gray/blue that I am not even sure I shared here on the blog.



Exhibit B: Our Master Bedroom…..used to be blue, now it’s brown


Both of these rooms were painted before Chickadee took up residence in my belly, so we’ve lived this way for well over a year! However, thanks to Duluth Trading and their new campaign I got just the kick in the pants I needed to take care of these windows once and for all! 

So how did they convince me to get the ball rolling? With a new outfit, of course!

photo 2 (7)

The awesome buff hides the fact that my hair hasn’t been washed in days (new mom woes), and it also makes me feel like I’m on Survivor. Anyone still watching that show besides me and III??? And this fabulous shirt was perfect for going back and forth between painting/caulking, errands, and tending to baby girl. I kept the sleeves down in the morning, but took advantage of the roll up buttons as it warmed up.

The painting took all of about 30 minutes, but these windows also needed a little re-caulking to keep the HOTLANTA heat outside! Here are a few tips to help you get the job finished if you are in need of a little caulk yourself!

First, you are going to need to use a razor blade to scrape out all of the old caulk. This takes a little bit of time, oh, and please be careful with the sharp objects! Next, line the space you want to caulk with some painter’s tape. This is going to make everything nice and pretty.


Grab your caulk (I used a paintable caulk by GE) and your caulk gun. These guns are so great! They have both a blade to cut off the tip of the caulk & a metal rod to clean things out before you start spreading, right there on the gun. 



Use the gun to spread the caulk between the pieces of tape filling the gap completely. Then, with your finger smooth the caulk into place. Give it just a few minutes to set, then you can remove the tape to find a beautiful, straight caulking job. You, can pat yourself on the back now.


Repeat around the entire window. Since this particular caulk is paintable, I did go back over it with my wall color once it had properly set. Yall, I am so proud of myself for making the time to cross another DIY project off my list! Finally, my windows and walls match AND the hot outside (pollen filled) air is staying where it belongs.

I am also thankful to Duluth Trading for giving me the Kick in the Pants I needed. And guess what? They want to give YOU a Kick in the Pants too. Here is how it works: Head over to Duluth Trading Company’s Facebook Page and submit your abandoned project. Then they will pick 10 winners over the next few weeks who will each get a $200 Visa Gift Card AND $200 in DTC Gear to help get their job finished and crossed off their to-do list! Maybe it will be you!

So, what project are you putting off?? And what is it going to take for you to get the ball rolling?????

Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for promoting this campaign, however all opinions found here are my own. I partner with brands I love and Duluth Trading Co. has gear all DIYers need to get the job done!


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