Cleaning your Sink with Vinegar

Spring is FINALLY in the air and it has gotten me in the mood for a little spring cleaning! I have several tips to share with your this week for how vinegar can be your secret weapon for cleaning pretty much your whole house, well…not your whole house but most of it! Today I thought we would start with the kitchen sink. 

I heard the other day that kitchen sinks are dirtier than toilet seats. Ummmmmm…..gross. Folks, you need to wipe down your sink regularly and give it a good clean at least once a week. Here is my magic vinegar solution. 


First, wash your sink with soap and warm water. Then using a spray nozzle spray the entire sink surface with white vinegar. Here is a little tip…attach the spray nozzle directive onto the vinegar bottle, like so…


Then rinse the nozzle and attach it to the hydrogen peroxide and spray over the vinegar. Don’t mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together…spray one at a time. Allow the solution to air try. If your sink is stainless steel shine with a little mineral oil on a cloth and then buff! BEAUTIFUL!

And while we are at the kitchen sink….PLEASE disinfect your sponge! The easiest way is to run it though the dishwasher whenever you run your cycle! Once it starts to fall apart throw it away and start fresh!


Tomorrow I’ll share I use vinegar to clean both my microwave and glass stove top!


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8 thoughts on “Cleaning your Sink with Vinegar”

  • Great tip on the use of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to clean the kitchen sink. How long should I wait until I can use the sink after applying this mixture?

  • Would this method be okay for a black porcelin sink? The water stains are so difficult
    to get rid of along with grease residue…Thank you.

    • Honestly, I’m not sure. Vinegar isn’t very harsh so I would think it would be fine. You can always test a small area!

  • I will do this tomorrow! A tip for sponges: I let mine COMPLETELY dry before re-use. This eliminates germs and stinky odors. It requires having several sponges. After use I wring them out a put them in a plastic container (no lid, of course) on a shelf to dry.

  • Hi Laura Beth,
    What a great tip to put the spray nozzle right into the vinegar and peroxide bottles!! I never would have thought to do that. I like using common household items to make my own cleaning products, but if I get lazy and don’t label my spray bottles I have no idea what’s in them! So, your idea rocks! As for spring cleaning, hmmmm…more snow due in the northeast today so I am not motivated to start just yet! :-)

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