8 Years Later


There are those that come in and out of our lives. They impact different steps in our journey…they are good friends. Then there are those that come into our lives and take the rest of our journey with us. They change you, they challenge you, they point you to Jesus, they teach you what it is like to be a friend, they are there for support through the trials & join in the celebrations…and even though when we get together we travel home to different destinations, they are always a part of the journey.

I am lucky enough to have met these type of friends while at Auburn. Last week I was able to get together with four of them and the 9 little ones (under 4) we have between us! Yep, those are 8 little ladies and 1 gentleman. The odd’s are in HIS favor :o)

photo (23)

I am so thankful for each and every one of these ladies God placed in my life over 11 years ago and can’t wait until we are all able to get together again. I wonder how these images will change…and how many more little ones will be added? 


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