What to Do With That Old WIndow


Are old windows still a part of stylish indoor design? I hope so, otherwise this post is so 2012….but I’m going to share anyway. If you are seeking window replacement, Maverick Windows in Houston specializes in energy efficient replacement windows. We had some friends who were having all of their windows replaced and handed off a few of these beauties to us. So we have two old windows up in our house. One is in our living room and this one is in our bedroom. I’m never quite sure if I want to leave them as they are or dress them up. Sometimes I add a cute fabric scrap bunting, other times I’ve used them to share memories of the past few years, this time I filled the back with scrapbook paper. 

Each scrapbook piece I cut down to the size of the window and then simply used tape to secure it in place. That way if I change my mind again (which is bound to happen), it won’t be too difficult to change things out.


Out bedroom has really come a loooooong way from it’s pepto bismol pink days. Those of you new to the journey might not remember these puke inducing walls….I mean who paints a master bedroom pink?

Luckily, all that is gone and and we are currently camped out in a master bedroom that I am quite fond of! However, I am sure some of you are asking who paints a bedroom dark brown! The actual color is Native Soil by Behr. It is a little muddier than I had anticipated, but I love how it contrasts with the white crown molding, doors, and trim!


You can find a tutorial on the DIY Stained Wall Art here. The duvet is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, the body pillow is Target, the button pillow we found at World Market, and the cozy throw is a TJMaxx find!

We turned what seemed to be a linen closet into a built in looking bookshelf while also using my dad’s expertise to frame in the ugly metal closet doors. (You can kind of see them to the left of the bookshelf or to the right of the bed below.)

stenciled bookshelf pinnable


I am sure things will continue to change in here as I spot a new idea on pinterest or in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. But in my opinion that is the beauty of DIYing. Hope you all have a great week!



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