Hashbrown Cup Recipe


Hasbrowns might be one of my FAVORITE breakfast items….and not the fancy diced/seasoned potato kind. I love the delicious, greasy, Waffle House kind of hashbrowns. While we often venture out to the Waffle House (might go far enough to say we are regulars…where everyone knows your name…or at least your baby’s), sometimes I decide to cook up some frozen shredded hashbrowns at the house. There are many different types out there….go with the one your heart desires. Usually these require being cooked on the stove top in a skillet for about 10 minutes on each side. Lately I haven’t had the time to stand at the stove for that long. Enter my new hashbrown cooking solution. The OVEN.

In a bowl mix together your bag of shredded froze/refrigerated hashbrowns, 1 cup of cheese, some salt, pepper, and a few dashes of olive oil. Mix around and then thrown in a greased muffin (or brownie) tin. Make sure and over fill them a little bit because they will shrink down.


Cook at 350 degrees for about 50  minutes…..freeing up your hands to play with your precious little ones!


And that is it!!! You will get that perfect crispiness on the outside  and greasy perfection on the inside! Waffle House would be proud :o)


Looking for other hashbrown recipes? I’ve also shared this to die for hashbrown casserole or these tasty hashbrown panckaes!


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