The Day She Made Me a Mama


October 19, 2013 is by far one of the best days of my life! That Saturday night right before the clock struck 12, I became a mama. But it all started a few hours earlier. It was a fall Saturday in the south and Auburn was playing Texas A&M….we woke up that Saturday morning just like any other. Headed to Einstein’s for breakfast and then came home to watch Gameday on ESPN. I had an inkling that something was going on, but after talking with the nurse on call I shrugged it off. From now on I will always listen to my mother’s intuition. 


After lunch we headed to a my friend Miriam’s house to watch the game. War Eagle! It was in the third quarter that I felt a RUSH of water and after a few seconds I knew exactly what was going on……after making sure (it was in the middle of the game after all) we headed to the hospital. No packed bags, no camera, and no idea how our world was about to change. 


We arrived at the hospital and checked in; they asked a million questions while we watched the end of the Auburn game. Then the nurse confirmed my water had broken and called my doctor to get things rolling for the c-section. Chickadee was breech from about 28 weeks until 37 weeks 5 days when she made her arrival, so I knew a c-section was probably imminent. 

I called my mom & III his when we got to the hospital to let our parents know that our baby girl was on her way! They all jumped in the car. I was excited that my parents, along with my brother and sister, made it before they wheeled me back. (III’s parents made it before her arrival) The epidural wasn’t painful at all….to be honest the worst part was getting the IV in my hand…she couldn’t find my vein. Ouch! I started to lose feeling below my chest, I honestly felt like I blew up to the size of an elephant. I didn’t feel a thing during the operation, until I heard her first cry…..what I felt was my heart fill with love. 11:39 pm on October 19th is a moment I will never forget. 


Chickadee weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.


I got to see her for just a minute and give her a kiss before she went with III to get cleaned up.




I followed about 20 minutes later. It was great to have some time as a family. We ended up staying in recovery for about 3 hours, III’s parents had arrived also and everyone had set up camp in the lobby until 4:30 am when we finally made it to the room. She is one loved little lady. The next few hours were a blur….I was exhausted, but didn’t want to sleep away a moment with our new baby girl. She was so alert and I didn’t want to miss a thing! 


III was absolutely great as a husband and a new father. He took care of my every need  (which anyone who has been through childbirth of any sort knows are great) while loving on our baby girl. I also must mention that he became a diaper changing and swaddling genie. 


I was so glad our family was there to welcome Chickadee to the world. She is SOOO loved already! 

Julianna Birthday Collage

Coming home we knew our lives would never be the same. I must admit I was a little scared, but that fear has grown into love as I’ve gotten to know the little girl with my lips and her daddy’s long eye lashes. Now three months later, we are settling into somewhat of a routine. Granted it’s a routine that involves mom in yoga pants, and chickadee covered in spit up…but it’s a routine none the less :o) And one constant in our routine is LOVE, such a burst of love….Praise the Lord for choosing me to be her mama!



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