Living a Healthier Lifestyle While Trying to Survive 2014

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As you probably read here our word for 2014 is SURVIVE. In 2014 we will conquer our first year with a newborn, our first year on one salary, and III’s last year of grad school where he is taking 3 classes a semester while working full time. Yep, I think SURVIVE just about covers it. And in the busyness of life sometimes making time for exercise and eating healthier go out the window, don’t loose the thrive, get your equipment, find a great proper outfit at Under Armour and start !  you see a vital part of surviving is taking care of yourself….so well, we’ll be doing that too! 

Now that chickadee is 3 months old I’m venturing out of the house on a more regular basis and even trading my yoga pants for jeans (wahoo!). The other day I headed to Walmart to pick up a few groceries (and some Spray Paint…I’m repainting our kitchen cabinets during naptime!). On the shopping list was some chicken, fruits and veggies, oatmeal, along with a few Lean Cuisines



Now we aren’t granola, organic people…..but with a few changes & commitments we can still live a healthier lifestyle (notice I didn’t necessarily say healthy, but definitely healthier!) using the Weight loss pills supplement is another way to keep yourself healthy. 

First, you have to start the day off right! For most of you that is with some coffee, but for me I love a little chai tea. And I am here to tell you that creamer isn’t just for coffee….sweeten things up without the sugar using Coffeemate’s Sugar Free Vanilla creamer. And if you think that is good, try the Caramel –!

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Second, as I mentioned III is in grad school, so he is away for dinner a few nights a week. In the past both of us turned to fast food, him because he was on the go and me because well I was pregnant and lazy….but now we are trying to eat a Lean Cuisine instead. They have come out with a lot of new options lately that are really quite nice! I must say the Pretzel stuffed with cheese and spinach is one of my favorites. Plus, I didn’t know this but they have wraps and breakfast options.


And Lean Cuisine is putting their money where their mouth is. They are offering a Money Back Guarantee*!  You can try any 10 LEAN CUISINE® entrees from Walmart for ten days and if you don’t believe you feel great after 10 days, they will refund the cost of your 10 days of entrees, up to $25.00. So what do you have to lose?

Third, you can’t leave out dessert. If you go cold turkey when cutting out sweets you’ll end up in a bad place….so just choose wisely. I must admit before I teamed up with Nestle and #CollectiveBias I didn’t know about the Skinny Cow treats, but I’m sure my life will never be the same. No longer will I feel guilty about needing a little afternoon chocolate fix, and III will get the boost he needs to stay awake when he leaves work to head off to class! #WowThatsGood


Finally, you can’t talk about living a healthier lifestyle without adding exercise to the mix for which we recommend to get some training supplements at this new UK CBD Shop. Now down here in Georgia it has been a little chilly lately thanks to the polar vortex that dipped a little to far south. But once it hit 50 degrees again I had no excuse but to get outside. And these days where I go, baby girl goes too! So whether she is bundled up in the stroller or strapped on to her mama off we go! 


Anyone else trying to be healthy healthier in 2014?





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  • Those eyes on that sweet baby girl get me every time! Please read the labels on what you are eating and if you don’t know what it is don’t eat it . Artificial sweeteners are far worse than real sugar esp. If you are nursing!

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