DIY Valentines Tissue Paper Heart Wreath


So I am really starting to understand the power of the baby naptime! No wonder so many DIY blogs out there are titled …..loving naptime, while they were napping, etc. I am trying to utilize the time the best I can; and now that chickadee is on somewhat of a schedule the time is a little bit more predictable and that is helping!

Yesterday during naptime I whipped up this heart wreath using some hot glue and tissue paper. And I literally mean whipped, some naps are a little shorter than others! First I cut one package of Valentine colored tissue paper into 3×3 squares (I think there were 10 sheets, but you probably only need half of that). Using a felt lattice heart from Michaels as my guide, I started hot gluing…


To make the tufts, pinch the middle…the fluff up!



I went around the edges first, and then filled in the middle. Since the tissue paper tufts were full, it didn’t matter that there were gaps in the heart. I really love how it turned out! I greats our guests with a little love. I actually have it hanging inside, one thing to keep in mind is if you leave it outside the sun will cause it to fade & if you are somewhere humid I’m not sure what will happen but I don’t think it will be good :o) So hang it up somewhere inside, in a place that you pass often. Add a little love to your life!



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