OREO Pumpkin Pops


Last year I made these mummy OREO pops for III to take to a Halloween party at work. The moment October hit I wanted to make them again, but when I went to my baking cabinet I didn’t have any white chocolate chips. Oh, but what did I find??? Orange candy melts. And that is how OREO mummy pops became OREO pumpkin pops. 

I’ll spare you the entire tutorial because it’s pretty much the same at the mummy pops, so hop over there to see the stick adding and dipping process. Make sure and follow the directions on the candy melt package so the consistency is perfect for dipping. 

The change up to pumpkins simply involves using a knife while the orange is still liquefied to swirl back and forth over the top to make grooves. Then pop a green (or brown) Tic Tac in the top between the two cookies and into the icing for the stem! They’ll need to set for about 5-10 minutes.


If you are looking for other fun Halloween ideas now that it is October I have a few friends who are sharing their Halloween decor, treats, and tricks this week! Check them out below.



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