DIY iPhone Case using Washi Tape


Let me know if you ever done this…..bought something, used it for about a week, and then decide you didn’t really like it. However, you can’t return it because it’s been used and you can’t buy another one because you can’t rationalize it to you husband :o) Well, this happened to me when I bought my last iPhone case. 

I have a white iPhone and the case I bought had a black trim that outlined the face. And well, I didn’t like the combo so I decided to do something about it. All I needed was the tape to create this DIY iPhone case using washi tape!


I didn’t do a full picture tutorial because it was SO simple. Strips of washi tape over the entire case coming around the edges. Then with an X-acto knife I trimmed out the openings for the volume, charger, headphones, etc.  Now I can’t talk for how long it will hold up; what I can tell you though is after about a week it’s still going strong. All of the edges ended up around the edge of the case and under the phone, so I think that is helping to hold everything together!

Do you have a favorite iPhone case OR are you looking for a cheap update?  


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