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Oh, my goodness friends. I have been coming down from a major BLOG high! This weekend I was able to attend a DIY Blog Conference called Haven right here in Atlanta. It was amazing. I must admit I was REALLY nervous about the entire thing, but everyone was so friendly & it was great to meet some of my blogging friends in real life. I also learned so much about how to continue blogging successfullyl & took a moment to pause and remember why I started blogging in the first place. It was a great experience.

Now that I am back in reality I took some time today to finish up several projects in our bedroom so I can move on to baby girl’s nursery. As I mentioned already we painted, revamped a closet into a built in bookshelf, and updated this old window. I’ve been struggling to come up with what to put above the bed….then at the Haven conference I met Erica from Spoonful of Imagination and she was wearing a bracelet that said Trust Your Story. I loved it & decided it was perfect for our bedroom.


Trust. Your. Story.

When I first started this blog I thought I wouldn’t have much to write about….but then I remembered that God doesn’t write a boring story. Every step along our journey we are trusting God’s story for our life. And so it really couldn’t be more perfect. So maybe you want to know how to make this DIY stained wall art? It was super simple….because that is my MO.


I started with a blank piece of sanded plywood (I think it was about 16×20),  a pre cut islet frame from Michaels, and Minwax Wood Stain, Dark Walnut. I usually use an old t-shirt to apply the stain. I like how I seem to have a little more control then when I use a brush. I stained both the piece of wood and frame.

 Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the words trust your story in vinyl. I pulled away the excess vinyl and left the letters behind. Then  once the stain had dried I transferred them onto the center of the plywood and painted the entire piece with white paint. Again I waited for it to dry and then removed the vinyl. Before I attached the islet frame I sanded the quote to give a little bit of a distressed look. The islet frame is attached with two flat head nails. 


I LOVE how it turned out. I used Command Picture Hanging Strips to attach the art to the wall. I LOVE these strips. I don’t have to put holes in the wall and truth be told it’s just a lot easier to stick than nail!

I have a few more projects to share from the bedroom, and then I’ll finally be able to say I’m done (for now at least!). 

If you are looking for other DIY wall art ideas I have a few more to share. Check out the pictures and links below.


Family Rules | Printables | In this House Pallet | Travel Map

I hope everyone is having a great day!! Oh, and for a 27 week belly update check out my future Auburn Tiger!

27 weeks

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  • Hi!

    Love your testimony, the wall art and I have the same bed linens in my guest room! So I’m thinking I’m going to “borrow” your concept! May God bless you!

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