Spilling the Beans…

pregnancy test

I waited over a week longer than suggested to take the pregnancy test. I knew what it would say, but I wanted to make sure the bean was sticking! I did nothing to surprise III besides wake him to up show him my “mother’s intuition” had already kicked in! 

We decided to share with our immediate family a few weeks later. I wanted to gain inspiration from this post I found over a Kimberly/Michelle, but wasn’t patient enough to put it together. 

III’s parents received an elated phone call & my mom and dad received a text with a picture of a t-shirt. It said “Stork Delivery Company | Package Delivery Expected November 2013!” For our siblings we passed out these eggs since it was Easter. Inside were jelly beans and a note. I was so very impressed at how well our families didn’t “spill the beans” until we were ready!

don't spill the beans(2)

I made the effort to tell as many as I could in person. My favorite story might be when we were eating lunch with our extended family and Trey said the blessing. He ended it with “and please help the new baby to grow strong and healthy, we can’t wait to meet them in November!” 

We had a couple of ultrasounds in the beginning. Here is our baby around 8 weeks!


I love Max’s excitement in this picture. I have a feeling he knows what is coming….his only child status is expiring.

9 weeks

I searched on pinterest for lots of ways to reveal we were pregnant. Here are a few other fun announcements we thought about!

announcement ideas

 then there were three | puppy big brother | baby shoes | spill the beans | chalkboard announcement | bump ahead

Tomorrow I’ll share about our gender reveal(s) and then I promise to take a baby post break!

Sharing at a few parties this week!

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