God has been growing a miracle for the past 23 weeks!! We’ve slowly been letting everyone in on our little secret, but there is NO hiding it anymore. We’re having a BABY!

23 weeks(2)

I can’t wait to share where our journey has taken us so far… we announced that we are pregnant, details about revealing baby’s gender, and plans for the nursery, however, I can’t give it away all in one post, so I’ll be back tomorrow with more details!

Here are a few fun facts though…

I’m 23 weeks (about 5 months) today, and due November 4, 2013.

III is BESIDE himself. I have no doubt he is going to be the best dad to our little one.

I have felt pretty great. I only had a few battles with morning sickness, however the fatigue knocked me flat on my face. I’ve also had a steadily growing appetite. So if you have wondered why I haven’t been blogging lately….the baby ate my posts. 

After 7 years of teaching I’m blessed to be able to stay home and be a mom. So, come August I will not be heading back into the classroom. I’m a little sad, but VERY excited about the next chapter.

Random fact….I first was asked how far along I was by a guy in a gas station at 14 weeks. He was a brave man :o) 

I’ve drank more apple juice than Publix can keep stocked on their shelves.

One of my best friends is due on the EXACT same day.

 I can’t wait to make crafty baby things & share them with you!

. . . . .

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