Gender Reveal!!

scrabble tile gender reveal

So did you guess right? I’m sure the pink and purple in this belly shot gave you a BIG hint!

I must admit I was a little overwhelmed at finding out whether our little one was a boy a girl. It brings an unexplained sense of reality to what is going on inside of my belly. A personality I suppose. We had our anatomy scan right at 20 weeks. Before I was pregnant I would have probably said whether I wanted to have a girl or boy first, but once thoughts became reality all I truly want is a healthy baby. It was surreal to see her brain, heart, spinal cord, kidneys…..she is being perfectly knitted in only the way that God can do. 

We told the ultrasound tech that we didn’t want to find out gender at the actual ultrasound. I told III if she was friendly I would ask her to spell it out in scrabble tiles. If she wasn’t, well we could have her write it down and put it in an envelope. Luckily she was as sweet as could be. Answered every question we had and took her time. III asked if I was REALLY going to ask her to do the scrabble tiles. Well you can see I did :o) I had already stuck on ITS A and then had the tiles for both BOY and GIRL. She took it out of the room, added what she saw and then wrapped it back up the bag.

gender reveal from ultrasound

And there it sat….ALL day because III had to go back to work after our appointment. And he worked, and worked, and worked…..I had to put it in the car so I would not be tempted to peek. FINALLY, at 8:30 he came home & you can guess what was the first thing we did! I recorded it with our DSLR camera….it’s a little dark, but it was a moment I am glad I captured and glad that the two of us shared together. I’ve never put my voice on the blog, so this is a little strange but if you want to watch feel free.

We revealed the gender of our little girl to our families on several different occasions so I came up with three different ways to do it! There are SO many great ideas on Pinterest, but something inside of me wanted to do my own thing. Not to say these ideas haven’t been done before….

First, we told III’s family (mine were out of the country for a few weeks) with bubbles. Crayola has come out with these new colored bubbles. I must admit it didn’t go as well as hoped….you couldn’t really tell the bubble color unless they collected or they hit the ground (in the air they really just looked like normal bubbles). But we used a bubble gun and having to wait for them to land added to the anticipation! Mama G was the first to shout out “They’re pink!”

Bubble Gender Reveal

(Pink bubble image source…because mine didn’t turn out as well!)

Next we told my family. For this reveal we used powdered drink mix. I told my family that I filled the bottom of the pitcher with either blue raspberry Koolaid or Country Time Pink Lemonade. Then I wrapped the clear pitcher with pink and blue paper and used my Cameo to cut out vinyl letters that read “it’s a…” Everyone huddled around as I poured in the water waiting for it to rise above the paper. When it did, everyone saw it was PINK!

lemonade gender reveal

Last but not least, we went to the beach with a big group of my extended family which includes 7 great grandkids. Since the kids were involved we went with a Silly String fight! It was a little humid so the camera lens kept fogging up….but it was FUN and I think the kids enjoyed being a part of it!!

Silly String Gender Reveal

I already feel bad for our second child….I’ll have to remember to go over the top with their reveal too :o) We are so excited to be having a little girl and can’t wait to meet her in about 16 weeks! If you want to check out how we announced our pregnancy check out this post!

Sweet Baby Girl, we love you so much already! We are praying that you continue to be healthy and strong! We pray that God is already starting to grow in your heart and that your heart for Him allows Him to use you in his great masterpiece. “We thank God everytime we think of you!” (Phil 1:3) Stay warm and cozy inside my belly. Oh, and keep dancing. Dad loves seeing you and I love feeling you. Love, Mom and Dad 

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