Chalkboard Wall


I’ve wanted it FOREVER and this summer I finally took the plunge!!! What is it you may ask??? 

25 weeks

No, it’s not the bump (however, I love that it is there). It’s the chalkboard wall behind me! In our kitchen we have this perfect little 2-3 foot wall space that surrounds our pantry & it is now home to my own chalkboard wall. Now I haven’t gotten fancy with what goes up there, but it have been perfect for several of my weekly belly shots!

Chalkboard Wall Weeks Pregnant

I used Rust-O-leum’s chalkboard paint to make all my chalkboard dreams come true. You can find this Chalk BOard paint at Home Depot. Before you head to pick up yours, check out Groupon. They have so many great coupons that may help you out with your next project!

rust-oleum chalkboard paint

After wiping down the wall and taping off the trim, I went to work. This paint was so easy to use!! It went on smoothly and I only needed two coats. Now, just because the paint is on the wall you aren’t quite finished. The wall needs to be “primed” for everyday use. So the next step is to turn a piece of chalk on its side and rub down the entire wall.

how to prepare a chalkboard wall

Now here is my SECRET! Promise you will share it with all your chalkboard walling friends???? It’s the Magic Eraser….use it to wipe away all of your chalk and you will never regret using it for a second!

creating a chalkboard wall

For now we will continue using the wall as our baby countdown….well technically count up to D-day at 40 weeks, but I’ve gathered several pictures of inspiration for what I hope this wall will eventually become!

Chalkboard Wall Design Inspiration

O Holy Night | Happy Birthday | Joy Wreath | Bump Pictures | Happy New Year | Kid’s Wall | Eat Dessert First

I also have a small confession to make before I bid farewell for the weekend….since I am not going back to teaching this school year, the chalkboard wall helps me feel a little like I am still in the classroom. Leaving was bittersweet, but I know the second baby girl arrives I won’t regret it one little bit! Have a great weekend friends.


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