DIY Wall Art: In This House….

in this house_diy wall art

One day last week I spent all morning working on a project I wanted to do forever. First, I needed the right words, then the right space, then the right timing. Well, it seems the stars have aligned and this project is complete. 

But this story starts about two years ago. A dear friend was having a baby shower and her sweet sister sent me an email of a “family rules” sign that her sister adored and was hoping to have in her nursery. My friend thought I could make it….and so my first “In this House….” pallet art sign was born. Since then I’ve wanted to make one for my own house, but it never came to be….until last week. After brainstorming all of the things I wanted to instill in those growing up inside these walls (including myself) I realized my pallet would need A LOT of slats. I opted instead for a piece of sanded plywood waiting to become something fabulous in my craft room closet. 

I first painted it white, then dry brushed lightly with a lay of gray/blue. 

creating a distressed look

Then grabbed my favorite Black & Decker sander and went to town paying close attention to the corners and edges. 

creating a distressed look_2

The Cameo was clutch for this project. I created two 12 inch high images, each 32 inches long. The font is called Typewriter (it’s one of my favorites!).

large vinyl stencil

Now, I usually use a circle sponge brush to fill in stencils, but with it being so big I decided to rolled the paint over the stencil. You have to do this sparingly, a little at a time to get a clean look of the letters.

clean stencil

Finally, I added a topcoat with a clear sealant for long lasting loveliness! And here is the perfect spot (for now). Above the chevron buffet in our kitchen…the most used room of the house, where we will all be reminded of how to live life and treat others. 

chevron buffet

So what do you think? 

Sharing at a few parties that always inspire me!


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