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uses for an old window

A few months ago I decided our bedroom was up for a new look. There were a few projects that had been on the to do list for a while and the time seemed right to knock them out. I’ll be posting about the transformation soon! I have one or two more projects to complete first! In our old bedroom we had this old window which I filled with scrapbook paper when I knocked of a Ballard design look.  I love how it looks over the dresser and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the new room (just in a different way). 

Now stay with me for a minute as I digress….I want to be a scrapbook person. And when I was younger I was…even when III and I started dating I crafted the most fabulous 1 year anniversary scrapbook you have ever laid your eyes on. But as the years have gone by I have failed miserably. Now don’t get me wrong. I still save cards and ticket stubs, airline tickets and brochures….all with the hopes of one day gluing down our memories again. But for today they were all stashed away in a simple craft box that sits above III’s desk. 

Now, back to this scrapbook window. I have opened the box ladies and gentlemen. 

uses for old cards

And I relived memories. We’ve been on some amazing adventures these last 7 years & I loved the trip down memory lane. I loved it so much I decided I wanted to be reminded more often. And so I got to work. 

uses for old cards_2

While I loved the ticket stubs and trip memorabilia my favorite were the cards. We’ve given each other a lot over the years….even give a few of those cards twice. Each note inside brought a smile to my face….lots of lists were written (did you know the hubs and I email lists back in forth and have forever, might even be there original 18 things folks).

Each pane was the size of a piece of 8×11 cardstock, so I attached the cards in the arrangement I preferred to the cardstock. Then I taped the cardstock into the window panes.

scrapbook idea

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. Makes me smile every time I walk past it!

uses for an old window

Man we LOVE our dog cards….so are you a scrapbook kind of person or do you store memories in other ways? Another great idea would be instagram pictures….maybe next time??

Sharing over at a couple of my favorite parties! Come and be inspired!


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