DIY Gift Bags using scrapbook paper

DIY gift bags using scrapbook paper


I have another student inspired tutorial for you today! We are nearing the end of school & one of my favorite projects I assign my kids this time of year is Teach Your Teacher Tuesdays…they have so much knowledge in their brains, and always have something to share. This is their big chance to have everyone’s attention, the kids love it.

This one project I really wanted to share with you because I feel like the possibilities are endless, and this is right up every DIYers alley! You only need a few supplies.

diy gift bags

I used scrapbook paper, but you could also use regular copy paper or cut down wrapping paper. Here is a little step by step…

DIY gift bag directions

After you have the bottom of the bag created you only need to crease the sides to finish off the bag look. There are a couple of ideas I had for the top. For the train bag I folded over the top, punched holes, and used baker’s twine to tie a bow. You could also create handles like the striped bag. My last thought was to scallop the top like small polka dot bag, or you could add tissue paper. The possibilities are endless! What are you thinking…

Now, obviously you can’t put huge things in these handmade bags, but they are perfect for little treats, birthday & shower favors, or gift cards. Enjoy!

DIY gift bag different sizes 


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