How to Make Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

DIY Dry Shampoo Dark Hair







 Want to know a random fact about me? I hate the “getting ready” process. The only think I like about it is the hot shower, well….and the clean feeling afterwards. But you see, I have thick, kind of long, hair & it takes FOREVER to dry. As in 15 minutes forever. Now I realize 15 minutes is not actually forever, but when you wake up at 5:15am every morning, every single minute counts. To get  more tips about shampoos hair care and skin care, visit groenerekenkamer.

So it is for this reason, that I am going to admit to you, my friends, that I don’t wash my hair everyday. Anyone out there with me? 

Now, just because I don’t like getting ready, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look presentable. I can’t go to work looking like I just walked off Survivor (any other fans out there?) and brought the greasy braided hair and unshaven armpits with me. So, I have a solution for those days where I choose to spend an extra 15 minutes sleeping instead of drying my hair.  And that my friends is my very own dry shampoo mix. And I am going to share the secret for how to make dry shampoo for dark hair with you! I used to go the baby powder route, but when you have dark brown hair sometimes you just look like you aged 20 years and need to touch up your gray roots. When you start seeing a color change, you need to invest in finding the best gray hair washing shampoo that will enhance your new look.

dry shampoo ingredients

 “Ingredients:” 2 tbsp cornstarch, 2 tbsp cocoa, dash of cinnamon or a few drops of a complimentary essential oil

You can use liberty in your amount of cornstarch and cocoa….a little more cornstarch if you want it lighter, or more cocoa for darker. I had cinnamon on hand so I used that to spice up the smell, but I’ve also read after a little research that you can use a few drops of essential oil. You can also better take are of your hair by using Beard Growth Supplements.

To use apply a small about to a make-up brush, shake of the extra. Then tap right into your hair at the roots. Finally run a brush through and you’ll be looking like you spent those 15 minutes with your hair dryer instead of your pillow!

dry shampoo

 Enjoy! Oh, and here is a recipe for my light haired friends…

Happy Monday! Starting the beginning of the week off right with a few of my favorite friends! 





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28 thoughts on “How to Make Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair”

  • I have very dark brown hair and I have been using spray dry shampoo but I am never going back. I whipped this up tonight and not only does it work better, it CHEAP, and no strange chemicals I can’t pronounce! Thanks for sharing!!

  • I tried this once… it took half an hour to get it on my whole scalp. I’m not thinking this saves any time. Plus the brown dandruff isn’t any better than white!

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! I usually just put it along my part and scalp line so that it doesn’t take too long.

  • Ive got dark super fine and flat hair and have tried everything out there. One thing that I’ve been doing for a year now is generously sprinkling on the baby powder right before I go to bed! I rub it in and go to bed. As you sleep, the oil absorbs all the baby powder and you wake up with no baby powder smell or white streaks! I def recommend it!

    • I am fairly certain that what she means is an essential oil that you feel complements the scent of the rest of the powdered ingredients. For example, maybe peppermint, so that the combination of cocoa & peppermint will smell like peppermint chocolate ice cream. You might not want to put something like lavender essential oil in here because I don’t know how well that scent would work with the cocoa and cinnamon, you know what I mean?

  • Oh, my goodness gracious! I just tried this after being physically unable to crawl into my shower for three full weeks and it looks just like I just washed my hair! Thank you ever so much for sharing this {{{hugz}}}

    I am dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia so sometimes I hurt so badly I cannot get into my shower/tub for nothing. So being able to get my hair looking so good is a true blessing :o)

    Thanks again!
    Karen M. Roth recently posted…Less is More… More of Less of Me.My Profile

    • I am sick as well with a variety of different things that plague me and prevent me from taking care of my tresses in the usual way. So..when I came upon this recipe in an attempt to go completely natural with my shampoos, soaps, cosmetics..(Okay, I can’t live without my Laura Geller mascara…) Anyway, I came upon this after being released from the hospital with strict bed rest orders. I snuck away when my husband was gone (He makes me follow doctor’s orders) and whipped this stuff up. I LOVE IT!! Oh my gosh, as a sick girl, I can’t tell you how much this will help my life! I hated the dry shampoo sprays, they left my hair sticky! I have VERY LONG WAVY hair. I basically have forties hair by just letting it air dry. Like Veronica Lake. Washing it and letting it dry took forever…I mean like 35 minutes to blow it out and at least 8-10 hours to dry. So, not washing my hair but twice a week is my only defense against this issue. I love this stuff. I smell like chocolate and didn’t add an essential oil. Next time I will add peppermint oil because my husband hates the smell of chocolate. I also won’t have to use so much next time, but last night I tried out a new homemade shampoo and conditioner recipe, the shampoo recipe was AMAZING. The conditioner on the other hand..left the bottom part of my hair from the ears down, a total grease ball. To tell you how good this stuff is…it soaked up all of that oil from the conditioner gone wrong and though I had to use a LOT due to my screw up, I now have my Veronica Lake hair back. Thanks Laura Beth!

  • This is great I hate the baby powder making my grey stand out more. Actually you shouldn’t wash daily and the more you wash the greaser it becomes.

  • I’m going to share this and I will try this. I can relate. I have very thick hair and I hate washing it every day if I blow dry it it seems like it takes 20 mins and if I let it air dry well it takes a half a day. Guess there’s more people with the same problem !!!

    • Even if you can let it damp dry after infusing your hair with 5 minutes of heat from the blowdryer, conditioner is often not enough to keep the ends of your hair from damaging dryness. Brushing 100 times a night was encouraged once upon a time because it carried your own nourishing oils to those tips, and stripping that every day is a bad idea.

  • oh em gee. this is genius! i can’t WAIT to try this! my hair is so greasy i have to wash it twice. i shower in the morning… and then try to wash my hair again before my husband gets home so it’s not all nasty stringy when he walks in… this would let me greet him with DRY hair… and ohh.. to just sprinkle this on if we decide to go out for dinner or the movies at the last minute without having to have a whole shower! I can still shower before bed (wouldn’t want cocoa on my white sheets) but man…. I use that dry spray when I can find it, but not many places carry it….
    melle@feathered ruffles recently posted…Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

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