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drilled pencil holder

Let’s get personal. I teach 3rd grade…I think I mentioned that around these parts before. Any other teachers out there? I am on Spring Break this week & could really get used to the relaxation! Luckily summer is only 6 weeks away! 

So right before Spring Break we had an Economics Fair. We’d been teaching about producers, consumers, entrepreneurs, even talked a little Shark Tank (my new favorite show) with the student that brought it up as an example of entrepreneurship. So all of the kids were able to create their own “store” and sell 15 of one product that they created. The other classes came in and shopped with the 30 cents they had earned for good behavior. It is one of my favorite days of the year & the kids have so much fun and learn a lot about supply and demand! There were so many fun products this year including this tennis ball helper which sold out before I could stop by to make my own purchase!


However, one idea that the teachers & students alike were also all about was this simple pencil holder! Here is how it appeared when I splurged and spent 6 cents to make the purchase. 

DIY pencil holder

Pretty awesome. Right? I talked with the producer of this item (one of my students) and got the rundown of how you can make your own. He assured me his dad played a big part in using the heavy machinery. 

Supplies: 2×4, drill, drill bit, saw

Instructions: Use a saw to cut the 2×4 into two inch pieces. Then using a drill and 1/4 inch drill bit drill your holds about halfway through the wood. Pretty simple, and fabulous.

DIY pencil holder_2

After purchasing my very own pencil holder (because you know every teacher needs one) I brought it home to dress it up a little bit. Three sides god the washi tape treatment. Because in my opinion everything looks better with washi tape! Then on the fourth side I pulled out the wood burner. I had to do a little digging, but I found it in my craft drawer & it brought me much joy!

2x4 pencil holder

I wrote in pencil first, and then used the pointed tip to write over the words….create & inspire. This project has inspired me to use my wood burner more often…I’m searching the house as we speak to see what I can burn next!

So….don’t you think my third graders did a great job!! I have such a great class this year & I can’t wait to see what each and every one of them become!

colored pencil tips 

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for the end of my Spring Break! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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