DIY Elastic Hair Tie


DIY Hair Ties


 Good morning….or afternoon! I have such a simple tutorial for you today! Apparently there has been a change in the trend of wearing traditional hair ties/rubberbands. I know I am a little late on this band wagon, but those of us in the south seem to be the last to know everything. I’ve been around long enough to know that trends are always changing….I mean, where did the big cotton scrunchies go??? Or do you remember the topsi tail hairstyling tool that allowed you to flip your ponytail in on itself???


 Well the stars have aligned again & a strip of knotted elastic is now the perfect accessory to wear on your wrist as a bracelet or in your hair! I also found this online store called Josefa David where they sell the most stylish hair accessories. I went in search of said elastic and couldn’t find the color I wanted. However, at Hobby Lobby the other day I stumbled across this “decorative trim.” Basically folks, it’s ruffled elastic. And it was only $2.99 plus 50% off. I picked up 9 feet for only $1.50.


DIY hair tie


 I cut about an 8 inch piece, folded it over, and knotted with a short tail. It is amazing how stylish I know feel. Call me Kim Kardashian….well actually don’t, but you know what I mean :)


The ruffled elastic came in all different colors, but I stuck with brown….I can only be so risky in my fashion endeavors! So are you still wearing a scrunchie? tradtional hair tie? or have your made the transistion to the new thick elastic?


DIY hairtie




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