How to Ice a Cake like a Professional

How to ice a cake

 This weekend was III’s birthday. He turned the BIG 2-9!! It is quite a milestone….the last year in his 20s is upon him. I think he is looking forward to it as it will get him one year closer to being finished with his MBA. In the past III usually asks for cookie cakes or cupcakes for his birthday, but this year he went old school with a good ole fashion birthday cake. 

I must admit it has been a while size I churned out the double round cake stack and I didn’t have the best memories. Inevitably it always ended up looking lopsided, so I decided to find out a way to change that this year with one small flip of the hand. I started in the traditional way by laying down my first layer and icing the top. Then the magic occurred. For the second layer I flipped the cake over so that the FLAT bottom was facing upward! Now, I am sure I am not the first person to think of this, but wow! did I feel proud of myself for thinking to flip the cake bottom side up!

how to ice a cake


The gap around the two cakes was a little wider than usual, but I looked at it as an excuse to add a little more icing! After icing the sides I iced the SMOOTH as a baby’s bottom top! Then used this Pinterest tip, from Little Life of Mine to sprinkle on the number 29!

sprinkle numbers

 This “professionally” iced cake unfortunately didn’t last for long! After singing happy birthday, we all indulged with a little cookie dough ice cream! Delish. Happy Tip on Tuesday everyone!

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