DIY Butcher Block Island

dresser turned kitchen island

 Almost 2 years ago I decided my kitchen needed an island. Unfortunately, my credit card didn’t need another debit line. It is in these moments that I am glad I am a DIY kind of girl :o) After just moving into our new house this 90s TV was sitting on this dresser my aunt had passed down to us. (I have to apologize for the blurry picture.)

Fortunately since then we have bought a new TV (mounted and framed over the mantle) and the dresser was painted with chevron stripes and found a new home in our kitchen. We originally glazed the top of the dresser, but after two years of wear and tear, it just wasn’t holding up anymore!

island old

It was time for a new counter top, and I decided on butcher block all the way! I bought a sheet of sanded plywood at The Home Depot and had their good people cut it down to the right size. I attached the top to the island with liquid nails. 

island top

I then used some left over wood strips to trim out the edges (again I used liquid nails & filled the cracks with wood filler). To create the butcher block look I started with one coat of walnut stain. I like to use a rag when staining, I feel like it gives me more control, and with this project one of III’s old t-shirts did the trick!

stained butcher block counter top


After giving it time to set, I used painter’s tape to start taping our my stripes.

diy butcher block countertop

I used the size of the tape to measure out the butcher block effect. First, lay out three pieces one after another. Then remove the middle piece & use your rag to add a second layer of stain. Continue across the entire counter top staining every other stripe. 

DIY Butcher Block Countertop_1

A few coats of poly to seal and you are good to go! I cannot say it is 100% food safe, because well….I’m not the FDA, but it is great for extra counter space & I love what it adds to the kitchen. I think this dresser turned kitchen island turned buffet has finally reached it’s final resting look. 

chevron buffet



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