Pizza Roll Ups using Crescent Rolls

Pizza Roll Ups using Crescent Rolls

I might have told you this before, but I could easily eat pizza 6 times a week. Obviously on the we have to save one night for something fancy like Mexican Casserole….but for the rest, bring on the cheese!! These pizza roll ups help me get my pizza fix in all of about 15 minutes.

They are great for appetizers (I’ll have to add them to this appetizer list) or a quick snack for kids after school. However, pair them with some broccoli or mac & cheese and you have dinner on a busy night! You’ll be thanking me soon, promise! Here is all you need:

Pizza Crescent Roll Ups

Here is the easy and painless photo tutorial…seriously you can create these faster than probably reading this post (that wasn’t however a reason for an early exit!). After rolling out the crescent rolls, I added the mozzarella cheese generously and then top with about 3 pepperonis. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I cut my pepperonis into hearts! “Cheese”y, right? (Pun intended).

Pepperoni hearts

Starting at the bottom part of the crescent roll up trying to keep the pepperoni and cheese inside. Pull the pointed side up and over. There might also be some “wings” on the side that you can tuck in as well.

Pepperoni Roll Ups

If you would like to add a little extra kick, you can mix up some melted butter, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder and coat the top before you bake according to the package directions.

Pepperoni Roll Ups_2

Do you see the cheesy goodness??? Have you added crescent rolls to your grocery list yet? Oh, and check out these double doozies for dessert! Your kids will love for it!

Serving up at a few awesome parties.

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