Heart Shaped Double Doozies

valentine cookie sandwiches

Would you like some incite on the EASIEST Valentine treat ever? And to sweeten the deal, I’ll even include a guarantee that you will be the biggest hit at the party if you walk in the door with these Valentine Double Doozies!

Can I first tell you about my inspiration? My favorite part of going to the mall isn’t the shopping…it’s spotting this sign in the distance.

great american cookie

My heart skips a beat and I know I am in for a special treat…the emptying of my wallet. You see, I can’t resist their cookie sandwiches and an ICEE. I try….but my sweet tooth can handle it & my wallet pays the price (literally!). Those cookies are no joke, pricey. Over $3.00 each. And while I do indulge on occasion, I can’t make it a regular happening. So instead…I decided to whip up my own.

I turned to my BFF…break and bake cookies. While basic circles will do the trick, I had to put a Valentine spin on things.

Break and Bake Cookies Heart Shaped

So I grabbed a skewer and made an indention in the top of each raw cookie. No indention is too small…remember they will expand when the cook, so be generous.

making double dooziesBake per package instructions. After cooling….bring on the sprinkles & icing. I found these cute heart shaped sprinkles in the $1 section at Target. Score!

heart shaped sprinkles

Once you have your heart shaped cookies, making a double doozie is pretty simple. Layer…cookie, icing, cookie. Then, sprinkle the sprinkles around the edge :o) Be generous.

what is a double doozie

Now, enjoy…they will be a HIT! and so will you :o)

heart shaped cookie sandwich

Serving up at some of my favorite parties including Home Stories A to Z, Funky Junk Interiors, The Shabby Nest, and My Repurposed Life 

House of Rose


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