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I am always looking for inexpensive gift ideas. The less money you spend on a single gift, the more gifts you can give. These DIY mugs were a labor a love (very little labor and a whole lot of love!). While in The Dollar Tree the other day I spotted these two porcelain mugs and new in a matter of minutes they could be transformed. As you may have remembered from this Dollar Tree Christmas Plate as well as the Thanksgiving Grateful plate, I love upcycling pieces I find at The Dollar Tree.

diy mug

First I grabbed these great glass pens from DecoArt. They were a little pricey at around $4.00 each, but I was a big spender that day :o) They were definitely worth it.

diy mug

You see, I had already tried the “Sharpie on Glass or Porcelain” projects that were buzzing around Pinterest. And while my plate turned out really cute. The second I tested a spot with a little soap and water, my design started coming off. Not cool Sharpie. For this project I had to go in a different direction, I knew I not only would want to drink from these mugs but probably wash them too! Is that too much to ask? These pens are made for glass, and have specific instructions for baking before use.

I debated using a stencil and making a complicated design. However, in the end I decided simplicity would be better. Coffee for III and tea for me.

diy mug

I really enjoy how they turned out. Some steam for the coffee and the tea bag outline for the tea. I recently have been enjoying a cup of tea to start my day. My current favorite is Lipton’s Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea. With a spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk, I’m not sure there is anything better!

So which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

Sharing this simple gift idea at a few parties this week! Come and join me :o)


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