Prioritize 2013

prioritize 2013

Happy New Year!!

I cannot believe that 2013 is here…how is it that time goes by so quickly and we are always trying to catch up? I for one couldn’t be more excited for all twenty-thirteen will hold. But I am getting ahead of myself…before I look to the future I first want to reflect on 2012.

For the past 4 years the hubs and I have tried to sum up the pending year in one word. First there was DISCIPLINE 2009, then ADULT 2010, 2011 was SAVOR (with an emphasis on SAVE), and then last year was INVEST.

2012 was a great year for III and I. A year full of adventure and growth. Our theme last year was to invest, and we did just that. We invested in friends, our future, God’s plans for our lives, and the lives of those in Uganda. III started his MBA in the fall and my blogging/esty shannanigans really began to take off. We bought a new car & began investing in our future. The most life changing moments of 2012 definitely came this summer when we spent 10 days in Uganda with the most amazing people. We are forever changed!


With life getting so busy we decided some priorities are in order. We want to make sure that what is most important always come first and to do that we needed to set our priorities. So instead of writing resolutions I probably won’t resolve or setting goals I might not meet, I’m deciding what I want to be a priority in my life. The first three are obvious…God, family, and friends. God is leading my journey and he has blessed me with amazing family and friends along the way. I want them to know they are important to me. Hand written notes, dinner invites, and quality time are a few things that will be a priority to me this year.

God is a priority and time with him will continue to be put first in 2013. I want to spend more time in the word and thanking God for all he has (and hasn’t) given me. I trust in His will for my life whatever that may bring. I’m currently creating a gratitude journal (to be shared soon!).

Our finances will also be a priority as some big changes are hopefully coming in the next few years. We want to continue to save, and I need to be better about spending our money on needs more often than wants. The impulse buys need to cease :o) Coupons will continue to be cut & DIY projects will abound over expensive accessories.

You, my readers, and A Step in the Journey will be a priority! I plan to really focus on quality. I may only post a few times a week, but when I do I want there to be value and purpose to what I post. I’m excited to say I’ve booked my first blog conference (Haven, will you be there?) and am continuing to figure out WordPress. I’m also looking forward to reviving my photography challenge from a few years ago & I have SEVERAL house projects on the to do list!  Make sure you are part of the journey by following along on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram! You can also subscribe by email over there on the right!

Along with the blog comes ETSY…they are linked in so many ways. My customers make me smile, and I love creating for them. I hope to continue to grow this business in 2013.

Do you write resolutions? set goals? or create a one word/phrase theme?? I’d love to hear about it :o) Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Prioritize 2013”

  • I’m excited for you and your upcoming conference, I’ll be looking forward to hearing about it! Your theme for the year has always inspired us, happy 2013!

  • I always set goals and resolutions. This year I am setting monthly goals which seem a lot more feasible for me. I am also adding some fun goals in with the more “important” goals.

    I love that you are thrifty! I love learning ways to spend a buck. :)

    Also love the idea of a gratitude journal…I, too, am a Christian. I can never thank God enough.

    • Monthly goals are a great idea! I think I would be a lot more successful if I did it that way too :o)The gratitude journal has me excited about the new year & all God has in store :o)

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