Noonday Collection Giveaway *CLOSED*

I LOVE Uganda. (Surprised???)

After our trip to Kampala this summer I fell in love with the people and their fire for God. I now have such a heart for Uganda.

I have a friend who is passionate about the people in Africa too,  especially the women trying to support their families both in Ugnada and all all over the world. And Megan is doing something about it. She is a Noonday Collection Ambassador.  This means she is helping raise money for women’s industries in Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Rwanda, Peru, Guatemala, Madagascar, and Ecuador by selling BEAUTIFUL jewelry and other accessories made by the very women she is helping.

Here is a little EYE CANDY

Noonday Collection Giveaway {}

And do I have good news for you….you can be a part of these women’s amazing journey! Megan has offered to give one of YOU either the

Giveaway ChoicesYOUR CHOICE!!! Let me tell you a little bit about these two pieces and the stories behind them.

The violet horn bracelet is made by African Style, a group that Noonday Collection helped launch in Uganda.  There are so many African Style stories that I wish I could share!  One of them is about Olivia, who came to work with African Style after a life of being exploited.  Her mother died when she was 3, leaving her with her sexually abusive father.  She finally ran away and found a job as a house girl where she worked extremely long hours, was not given any food, and was never paid for her work.  She had to beg for food to feed her daughter Rachel; and there were times she thought she would have to give her up.  But since coming to African Style, Olivia has enough money to rent her own room and feed herself and Rachel. She dreams of the day when Rachel will be in school.  When Noonday’s founder Jessica asked Olivia, “Who in your life has loved you and cared for you?” she said, “No one. This is the first time for me to ever share my story.”  Because of African Style and Noonday Collection, Olivia now has family, someone to hear her, and to tell her “You have worth. God has not forgotten you.”

Another one of my favorite African Style stories is about a wedding.  So many little girls dream about the wedding they will one day have.  But for those living in poverty, a wedding remains a dream.  The legal fees for a marriage certificate alone are far too much for most of the world’s poor to afford.  This was the case for Bukenya and Coral, who were completely committed to each other, but had never been able to afford to get officially married.  Through the encouragement of Daniel and Jalia, the lead artisans of African Style, Bukenya and Coral began to pray and save for their wedding.  A year later, through consistent income thanks to Noonday purchases, God answered their prayers.  On December 15, 2012, a dream they thought was impossible came true and Bukenya and Coral were officially married!

. . . . .

The bouquet necklace is made by a fair trade artisan group in India that creates employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged artisans.  Anusaya is one of those artisans.  She first joined the group to provide for her 4 children after her husband died 7 years ago.  Since joining the group, she has learned many valuable skills and she says the people there have become like family.  Because of her job, Anusaya’s children are able to get an education.

. . . . .


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This giveaway will close Wednesday, January 16th at 11:59 pm. The winner will be announced Thursday morning!



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