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I do a lot of my shopping online these days. I’m pretty sure the comfort of sitting on my couch in my pajamas  has something to do with it.  However, the only reason I’ll admit to is that with discount codes a click away who wouldn’t shop from home? I’m always looking to save a buck, so before I ever make a purchase I always do a search for coupon and discount codes. I usually have to go through several sites before finding one that works. But not anymore!

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Recently, I was introduced to Coupon Chief. It’s awesome. They provide free access to thousands of coupon codes in one organized place. Coupon Chief is one of the largest coupon databases I have ever seen. I typed in every store and online site I could think of and a coupon code appeared each and every time. It was so easy to pick which code to use too since it’s success rate was listed. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell your husband you just bought a new Silhouette Cameo if you could follow it up with “and I SAVED $100!!!!!” Believe me ladies and gentlemen…it’s possible.

And I have proof.

You see…I have a new friend. She doesn’t know it, but we’re BFF. Her name is Tory and for Christmas I was hoping she would give me a purse. Now III and I are not usually Tory people…we’re better friends with T.J. Maxx and her purses. But around Christmas miracles do happen, and Tory was having a sale. III did some searching (with my help) and happened to find a bag that I just loved. Before checking out I noticed the PROMO CODE box. You know the one where you wonder who are the people with these codes. Well, now I know! We went to Coupon Chief and typed in Tory Burch. Guess what we found?

tory burch coupon codeSo guess who is now walking around town with a new purse and getting a weekly email from her new BFF? THANKS to Coupon Chief (and her amazing husband)!

tory burch purse

Coupon Chief was so easy to navigate with their clean site design and simple to use search bar. Not only can you search by specific stores, you can also search by tags. i.e: toys, clothes, home, sports, dvd rentals. The possibilities are endless. While you are checking out their site, make sure and look at the Coupons-4-Causes page. When shopping at some of your favorite sites, use a coupon code from Coupon Chief and they will donate up to 20% of your purchases to your favorite charity. So what are you waiting for?? Put on your pajamas and start shopping! Happy Saving.


Disclosure: I have been compensated for the time I spent reviewing this website.  However, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the compensation received.



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