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Our “word of the year” is PRIORITIZE. One area I thought I could apply this thought is with chores around the house. I used to have a very organized system, but lately they start piling up into one unmanageable pile. I need to be held accountable…otherwise III is left without any clean boxers, you can write in the dust as if it were snow, and our lunches become a hodge podge of chip crumbs and brown bananas.

Now, I have a fabulous husband who understands that I work too & helps take on a lot of the chore responsibilities with me! I do not take this for granted :o) So for the chart to work for the both of us, I color coded my writing…his chores are in black while mine are in blue. You could color code it for your kids as well! Each chore has the day it should be completed and a place to check off whether or not you were able to do it. There is also a spot for those every other week & once a month tasks like cleaning the baseboards :o)

Here are a few ideas from my chore chart:

Weekly Chores: sweep, vacuum, laundry, wash towels, wipe down kitchen, wipe down bathroom, dust, grocery shop, clean the glass, take recycling, take out trash, file bills

Bi-Weekly Chores: steam the hardwoods, deep clean the bathroom, vacuum the cars, bathe Max (the dog), wash sheets, clean the appliances

Monthly: organize pantry, straighten up drawers, vacuum the couch, sweep off patio

If you would like a copy of the chore chart as it, you can download the PDF file here! If you want to make some adjustments or type in the days or the week, chores, etc. you can download the Excel File for editing. The only problem I encounted was the fonts didn’t show up unless you have them installed on your computer. You can adjust as you would like, but here are the links to the fonts I used :o) Pea Ellie Bellie & Pea Ambre are at and Maggie Moo can be found at



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6 thoughts on “Chore Chart and Organizer”

  • Just stumbled upon this and thought, while I really appreciate your comment, “Now, I have a fabulous husband who understands that I work too & helps take on a lot of the chore responsibilities with me! I do not take this for granted”

    …but I wonder if guys ever say the reverse, “I have a wife who understands I work too and helps take on chores with me! I don’t take that for granted”…

    I love our men are doing more. I hope we can soon start finding the balance of appreciating and respecting *each other* for that partnership and frankly, expecting it as par for the course rather than an expectation of one gender or the other.

  • We have four teenage boys and have always struggled with them doing their chores PROPERLY or at all. We used a more simplistic tool when they were younger but this is great for them now.
    Thank you very much for putting it out there for everyone!



  • I like this idea where everyone in the family is accountable. I think for my kiddo doing something like this would help, as it shows what we’re doing around the house too. I think he feels that he has *so much* to do when really he has such a small sliver of the household tasks.
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