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This weekend my in-laws came into town for a little Christmas cheer! We had great plans to go and see a MILLION Christmas lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but a relentless mist had other plans. I’m convinced that being a weather person has to be the best job in the world. They said there was a 10% chance of rain which makes most people think it won’t actually rain, but when it does…well they said 10%. But I digress… after dinner we headed to do a little shopping and happened to walk through west elm. What a little piece of heaven. I like to think of it as half price Pottery Barn :o) Check out this pillow I was eyeing…a perfect opportunity for a


I still LOVE this pillow, but I’m pretty fond of this replica. What do you think?

Here is a little how to:

**Pardon some of the pictures…I was photographing a night…in the rain. Tutorial fail.

Supplies: cotton fabric, red felt, pre quilted fabric, red embroidery thread

I freehanded half of a deer on a folded piece of white paper, and then cut it out to get the full image.

I traced the outline and cut out the felt. Using the cut out I traced the pattern again on the pre-quilted fabric piece.                                          However, it needs to be smaller, so once you cut out the pre-quilted piece trim it by about a fourth of an inch.

I halved the embroidery thread into two sets of 3 strands. Then stitched the two silhouettes together.

Finally, I adhered the deer silhouette to some neutral cotton fabric using fabric interfacing and made a simple square pillow.

And there you have it! A simple Christmas pillow, thanks to the inspiration of west elm!

Have you knocked off any projects lately?

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