Hot Cocoa in a Jar

These is nothing I like more than snuggling up with the Mr. beside a hot fire during the holidays. And my drink of choice?

Hot Chocolate…with marshmallows of course!

There is just something so comforting about the sweet chocolately goodness on those frigid cold  (okay let’s face it I live in the south) cool nights. I remember the excitement of our one snow per year…cheeks turning pink, fingers frozen, and coming inside to warm up from the 30 degree weather. Yep, hot chocolate always warmed the insides so that we were ready for round two!

While I had Nestle help me out this time, you can easily make your own hot chocolate mix. Martha says all you need is cocoa, sugar, and a little salt.

A hot cocoa mix really makes a great gift during the Christmas easy, especially when presented in a glass jar with a cute tag and some baker’s twine. Let’s face it, everything is prettier in a glass jar!

This is all you need:

hot cocoa  mix ingredients

Simply layer it in your jar & dress it up a little. PRESTO!

And if you wanted to go ALL out you could whip up some homemade marshmallows. Click the link for a recipe I want to try from My Baking Addiction.

hot cocoa mix in a jar_2

Tag Information:

The tag itself is cut from the Silhouette is called “tag.”

The type is called Traveling Typewriter

The baker’s twine is from a deal on Pick Your Plum!

What simple gift do you share with friends and neighbors during the Christmas Season?

Here are a few more “jar” recipes: Candy Corn Cupcakes in a Jar; Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie in a Jar

And last year I served up chocolate trash in reused Starbucks bottles.



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