Halloween Treat Jars with Martha Stewart Crafts

To be quite frank I’ve never been a big Halloween decorator. Orange & black don’t really go with my decor :o) However, when I received this AMAZING box of Martha Steward Crafts products I couldn’t resist the pumpkin stencils and black glitter paint. Martha didn’t disappoint!

I started brainstorming and must have come us with 27 ideas! With all of these goodies the possibilities were endless. However, I kept coming back to my favorite Starbucks jars and all of their many uses.
I just love their milk glass look! And I knew they would be perfect for Martha’s line of glass paint.

Treat Jar Supplies:
Empty Starbucks Frappuccino glass bottle | Candy Corn | Black Metallic Glass Paint |
Silver Glitter Glass PaintChevron Stencil | Holiday Adhesive Stencils | Stencil Tape | Silver Gilding

After removing the label from my Starbucks bottle I used some Goo-be-gone to clean the unwanted residue.

Then I got to work! I first used the chevron stencil for the background of my design. The silver glitter paint was somewhat transparent and gave the perfect touch of depth to the design. I used the stencil tape to hold the design in place.

It worked really well. Using a sponge brush I lightly applied the glass paint. And then immediately removed the stencil.

While the paint was drying I went to work on the lid. I was really impressed with how easy and thick the silver gilding went on. It only took one coat to cover the lid completely.

For the second layer of on my Starbucks jar I used Martha’s adhesive holiday stencils. These are FABULOUS!! They work just like vinyl (which I LOVE). The thinner you dab it on the better…

Then, I added a bat right below Happy Halloween. I filled another jar with candy pumpkins & used the adhesive jack-o-lantern on the front.

Finally, I “dressed” the bottles with washi tape, DIY baker’s twine, and some spider paper to finish off the Halloween look!

Now, who to trick treat with this sweet jar???

I had so much fun playing with all of the stencils, paints, and brushes…I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with any of Martha Stewart Crafts products!

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