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Slowly but surely I’m adding a little fall decor to the house. With all of the amazing projects out in blogland I was worried that I was falling behind, but then I remembered Thanksgiving is still over a month away and it’s 82 degrees outside. I have time :O) Thank goodness because between a full time job, an etsy shop, and trying to keep up on the blog (and not doing a very good job), my house has had to let itself go.

Hobby Lobby’s felt section caught my eye a few days ago. Did you know you can buy four pieces for $1.00. I feel pretty good about that exchange. I pulled mostly fall colors but went with a turquoise and bright green to lighten things up a bit. I really love this color combination.

You won’t need many supplies to create your own…just the felt, embroidery thread, and a needle.

After drawing one leaf shape, I used it as a pattern to create the rest of the leaves. I thought about making different types of leaves, but you can see my first attempt didn’t turn out so well. For the orange color I decided to draw a pumpkin!

This pile of color makes me happy!

I simply threaded the leaves together with the embroidery thread leaving about a half inch of thread showing for each leaf. Because I can be quite type A I threaded the leaves in a pattern, but randomness would be fabulous too :o)

Hanging on an old window, this fall felt banner is the perfect touch of Fall. 
Do you decorate for the seasons? 

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