Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I fell in love a few weeks ago with these fabric pumpkin on Pinterest (originally created by Thompson Family Life) and knew I wanted to incorporate them into my fall decorating. Her tutorial is fabulous, but a little to technical for my quick pumpkin wreath, so I made a few adjustments.

If you are short on time like me and want a few pumpkins to make your place feel festive, this is the post for you! First, you’ll need a few supplies.

I grabbed some scrap orange fabric, clear plastic hair ties, jute, and some cotton pillow stuffing (ribbon also pictured which I did not use, but thing would be cute!).
First, I cute my orange fabric into squares of all sizes. To get technical, around 6 x 6 inches.
Grab a handful of stuffing and place in the center.

To make sure that your pumpkin looks “bunched” start by pulling opposite corners up to meet in the middle. It should look like the first picture below. Then gather together the rest of the edges in the center.

I used small plastic hair ties to hold the fabric together, but you could use lots of different things. Like a rubber band for example :o)

Finally, tie it of with ribbon or jute. I told you it was easy….don’t you agree. I think I am going to get some more fun fall fabrics and decorate all over!

These all ended up on my new fall wreath!

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