{Spicy} Chicken Enchilada Casserole

With the cooling weather in full swing, casserole season is upon us! It’s comfort food at it’s finest. I must admit I’m not usually a big Mexican food fan, but something about the ideas of chicken, macaroni noodles, and Nacho Doritos enticed me to try out this recipe from bhg. I made a few tweaks of my own based on what was in the cabinets, to create a delicious Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

It was real easy to whip up! A few chops here & a little mixing there.
One suggestion: if you don’t like spicy food…leave out the jalapeno! I thought with it mixed into the casserole it wouldn’t be too bad, as in I would hardly taste it. Boy, was I wrong. To be honest I couldn’t even eat the dinner I had just spent an hour preparing. You see, I don’t like spicy food…you’re probably asking what was I thinking? Good question. III however, LOVED it. As a lover of all things spicy this dish was right up his alley! Since there was a 9 x 13 dish full of SPICY Chicken Enchilada casserole it was a good thing because he had a lot to eat.
So that’s my disclaimer folks. It has a kick!

Now, if you’re still game…here is how these {Spicy} Chicken Enchiladas went down.

Find your ingredients & recipe below!

Enjoy with a BIG glass of water :o)
Serving up at these lovely parties!
Happy Monday :o)

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