Pinterest BLOWUP …..Literally

So this isn’t your typical blogger post. Why? Because it’s not all sunshine and roses…that’s right. I’m here again to show you that a cleaning tip, painting technique, or baking idea sometimes doesn’t work! Yes it looks all PRETTY in that picture you just pinned, but here in the real world…this pin just got UGLY.

Let me explain.

I’ve been on a little bit of a Pillsbury break and bake baking kick lately. You may remember these rolo cookies from a few weeks ago or the cookie pops from this summer. I’m always looking for a quick and easy sweets recipe! I must admit if it didn’t go straight to my hips (& there were an extra hour in the day) I’d bake on a VERY REGULAR DAILY BASIS :o)

This weekend we got together with friends to watch the Auburn football game (also FAIL). I signed up to bring something sweet because of course I had just seen a glowing picture on Pinterest for chocolate chip S’more cookies.

Sounds scrumptious, right…

So I started my normal baking routine of pulling out ingredients & snapping pictures:

Break & Bake

Hershey bars…

Bake cookies per package directions…then add a marshmallow & chocolate bar..

It was at this point I turned the oven off & decided I would wait out the melting process. 

Now, I must mention a small detail that GREATLY contributed to the BLOWUP. III and I are getting life insurance. This means we are old by the way. And the nurse was coming to do our health check at 9:30 am…then she called to say she’d be here at 9:00. I was working on this little baking project & looked down to see that it was 8:54. My hair was still wet & there was no makeup to be found on my tired face. So while I was “waiting out the melting process” I ran upstairs to put some mousse in my hair and grab my make up back.

That is  ALL. IT. TOOK.

I was gone 1 minutes too long. And when I returned to the kitchen I couldn’t find the stove due to all the smoke. I should have snapped a picture but well, I was in a frenzy.

I grabbed the pan containing the imploded marshmallows & ran outside.

My not so perfect S’more cookies had BLOW UP. Literally…

Do you see this????
You can probably even smell it…
The cookies are burned, the once imploded marshmallows are now deflated, and I can’t tell if the brown tops are the chocolate bars or just burnt marshmallow.

I wish I could have found the recipe I was going for, but it seemed to have disappeared…the cookies really did look pretty. Nothing like the photo above, promise.

Oh, and I have one more confession. I didn’t actually click through to see how to bake these S’more Cookie creations.  If I had and read the actual recipe my Pinterest BLOWUP
might had never been.
I suppose I should only blame Pinterest for 99% 80% of my BLOWUP. 

I’ll take 20% of the blame. It’s the least I can do, right?

Anyone else ever have a Pinterest pin go terribly wrong? I’d love to hear about it.
Then you can join me when I say…

My name is Laura Beth, and I had a pin fail.

Serving up burnt marshmallows here!

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