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Unless you’re blind, deaf and dumb (or just American… I hear they don’t like it over there) then you’ll have noticed there’s a World Cup on.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to start covering football any time soon, but we thought it would give us a perfect excuse to share one of our favourite football-themed skate videos ever. Introducing… skate soccer, find equippment at the Free Skateshop skateboarding !

They customised some “skateboards” (in reality they look more like carts customised with rollerskate wheels) and invented a brand new sport.

This video (which is about two years old) was produced as a Kickstarter pitch for a video about the team, called Rollaball, which looks rad eh?

Here’s their full skinny. And yes, they did get the funding.

“The documentary will tell the story of Ghana’s skate soccer team, a group of polio survivors who have created a skateboard-inspired version of soccer adapted to suit their disability.

Begging and sleeping on the streets, without the use of their legs, these men find purpose and joy in playing ball on Sundays at a deserted taxi-rank, where for a few hours, they can be heroes.

And the winner is…
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Bradey, from Life, Love, & Kindergarten
who said

I pinned your giveaway.

Thanks for the chance!!

Bradey, please email me in the next 24 hours to claim your new college sports team subway art!!

Thanks to all who entered! For the rest of the week all items in my shop will receive 15% off when you enter the code WAREAGLE

Happy Thursday!

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