Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with Morning Star

I haven’t been crafting a whole lot lately…I do have one big project in the works that I am looking forward to sharing with you, but for now the project are pretty sparing. Recipes however, I have a few in the go to bag, because while I may not be crafting…we have to eat, right?

This is my go to dinner after a long day at work. You know the days…
the ones where you’ve been up since before the sun & didn’t get home until is was down again.

Who has had a Morning Star before?
I love these patties & all their varieties

I simply add a little pizza sauce & mozzarella.

I feel like I should go on and on about what else to do.
I could say to toast the buns, and to warm up the cheese so that it begins to melt, it goes well with mac and cheese or tater tots…
But to be honest there isn’t much to know. Well except it’s delicious & reminds me of my favorite lunch at camp as a kid. If only there were apple turnovers for dessert.
Hmmmm…..there could be!

Serving up at a few lovely parties.

Enjoy :o)

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**I was not perked by Morning Star in any way…just love their patties! However, if they wanted to comp me a few I’d love to share more!

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