8 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Last year III carved a pumpkin for the first time. Well, kind of..I took over after he scraped out the seeds :o) We had a BLAST, but I can’t say I was all that proud of the result…

Thoughts? I think we tried to go too fancy…we should have stuck with the basic triangles.
Live and learn, right?

So this year I’m going to keep the knife in the drawer & the seeds inside the pumpkin.
Anyone else with me?
If your cutting skills are like mine, our FALL decor will thank us.

To replace the carved pumpkin…here are a few EXTRAORDINARY ideas:

| Painted Pumpkin | A Step in the Journey

 painted pumpkin stripes2

| Scripted Monogram Pumpkin |

| Washi Tape Pumpkins |
Mom for Real

| Stenciled Pumpkins |
Country Living


| Chevron Pumpkins |
My Sweet Savannah

pumpkins done last

Rhinestone Studded Pumpkin |


| Painted Letters Pumpkin |
Preppy and Pink

| Crayon Drip Pumpkin |
The Swell Life

So are you inspired? I know I am!!
Let the pumpkin carving painting begin

Happy Wednesday :o)

*Click on the link for the original source…a few pins did not take me to a working website, if you are our inspiration please let me know so I can give you proper credit!


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