Memory Lane: Kitchen Makeover

Now a trip down Memory Lane would not be complete without an installment from the
House to Home Series! Today I’m sharing my most popular transformation! My Kitchen :o)
I I was telling the truth, I’m already wanting to make some changes in here…if only I knew how to get III on board less than 2 years after the first makeover???
. . . . .

All of my House to Home entries can be found here!

Let me first begin with some reminders of what these rooms looked like on closing day.

With this as our inspiration…

here is the now…goodbye teal!!!

III & I are pretty ecstatic with the results :)

The walls ended up being a little less yellow & and little more green for a warmer effect;
the cabinets & blacksplash a little more cream.

We did most of the work ourselves, but had a little help with those handier than we.
(granite installation & new appliances…)

Before I give you the run down, I have to give a little shout out to my Dad; our house would not be anywhere near where it is today with out his help & guidance…he was our carpenter in shining armor!

Here is what’s new in the kitchen.

1) new stainless refrigerator (squeezed into a space that is about .5 an inch too small!)

2) new stainless dishwasher

3) new stainless stove & microwave…our stove is a flat top electric
(if I had to do this again we’d probably reconfigure for gas)

4) granite countertops (a brown/black mix)

5) backsplash (installed by my sister & me, off white mix of small bricks)

6) Removed wavy do-dad over sink, painted/glazed kitchen cabinets, and added new hardware
(I first painted the cabinets an off white. Then mixed 3 part glaze to one part toupe.
Brush on, wipe off. Finally I sealed them.)

7) undermount stainless sink, perfect for wiping crumbs off the counter)

8) dresser turned kitchen island (tutorial)

 9) replaced panel with flat focet
(Paneling before, my dad removed it & replaced it with the flat surface, then added the crown molding)

10) stocked with kitchen goodies from our fabulous wedding guests & thrifting…

not shown: painted the walls green (can see behind the fridge & in dining room pictures)

We didn’t take very many pictures along the way (no blog yet, sorry…)

But trust me, there was a lot of blood, sweat, & tears put into this project (well, not blood..or tears)

I just love cooking in my own little kitchen oasis

. . . . . .

on to the dining room

There wasn’t as much to tackle here…the dining room & kitchen are in one big space. There used to be a wall separating the two, but the previous owners took it down.

We purchased a high table (complete with lazy susan & leaves to magically transform from a square to a circle), replaced the light fixture with this fabulous stained glass (one of our little splurges), & painted. The curtains are IKEA & I plan on dressing them up with a little ruffle soon!
The art is from my aunt’s fabulous design store…makes you feel like you’re in Italy…kind of.

We also scored on this $5.00 special bookshelf, great for extra storage! Might stain or paint it one day, but right now I’m kind of diggin’ the natural look!

Thanks for stopping by for the House {to} Home series!

Do you have some great before & afters?

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3 thoughts on “Memory Lane: Kitchen Makeover”

  • I LOVE seeing before and afters of the spaces and yours is just wonderful!!!! I LOVE your kitchen and I can appreciate how much work all of the changes can be now that I have gone through it! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I am off to search your site for some football posts…. I remember you having some good ones from last year! I am hoping to make a little football post with some of my favorites and your will for sure be included :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

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