Memory Lane: Chevron Island

Welcome to day two of
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For a while I thought chevron was a fad, but here almost two years later it’s still the talk of the town. Check out how I added chevron to my home :o)

Remember the dresser turned Kitchen Island from here
Well, it’s been jazzed up again with the trend of the times
Chevron (not the gas stationStripes
They seem to be EVERYWHERE…

herehere, & here
and when  I saw this, I was inspired.
Here is the How To on how this island went from
I thought this would be an easy process…tape it off, paint, remove, tada
Unfortunately, no such luck. because taping off the chevron stripes where everything lined up was hard.
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? 
Now one might think, why not use a stencil…well, that would be the easy way out
(plus I didn’t have one!)
With inspiration from apartment therapy, here is what I came up with.
1. Decide how many peaks & valleys you would like in your pattern. 
As seen above there are 2 peaks & 1 completed valley.
2. Find the center of what you are painting & mark it vertically with a straight line.
3. Then draw two more lines in the middle of each half (so the piece is divided into fourths).
4. Now you have to mark the peaks. Starting at the top, on the outside 2 lines I marked a dot every 6 inches
(or your desired length between peaks).

5. On the center line & outer edges, measure down from the first row of white dots 3 inches (of half of your original measurement) & make a mark. Then mark again every 6 inches (or original measurement).

6. Then play connect the dots with your tape. 
You must chose to always go above or below your dot & then do it every time,
again always above or always below.

7. Around the top & bottom I did go back to my old ways & eyeball the taping, because my
measuring method took me off the design. 
Side Note: When taping I would tape down one part & then draw a vertical line & cut…then take the tape the other way & do the same…see below.
8. Now that everything is taped, just paint…

When the paint dried, I removed the tape & used a sanding block to to distress slightly. 
Which leads us to
I hope I didn’t confuse anyone in the tutorial. Even though it took a while, it was totally worth it. Every time I walk around the island & into the kitchen it makes me smile.
I’m in love.
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