Hashbrown Pancakes with Simply Potatoes

About a month ago I shared a recipe for a delicious Hashbrown Skillet Casserole that III helped me come up with!! This dish has definitely become a favorite around our house & is always perfect on a Saturday morning! After publishing this recipe on the blog Simply Potatoes contacted me about using their product…at first I thought I might be in trouble…then I started to wonder how in the world did they find me. Next thing I knew they said the recipe had been pinned to Better Homes & Gardens on Pinterest & I was famous….

Well, not really. But it definitely made my day a little brighter!

The lovely folks at Simply Potatoes asked if I wanted to cook & share another recipe using their product, but this time they’d throw in some coupons for free potatoes! And you know how I love coupons. So here I am, sharing a new hashbrown creation!

With school starting back, I haven’t had a lot of time to cook so this Simply-fied recipe was just what the doctor ordered. I did have to mix up the ingredients a little bit, seeing as I didn’t have several items on hand and no time to go to the store (even though sweet III did offer!).

1 Bag of SP Shredded Hashbrowns | 3 eggs | 1/3 c. salsa | salt & pepper | butter | 1/2 c. milk |
1 c. of shredded cheese (mozzarella & pepper jack) | 1.5 c of pancake mix

First, mix together the pancake mix, eggs, and milk.

Then add cheese, salsa, salt, pepper, and hashbrowns. Keep mixing.

Warm your skillet up to medium heat & add a slice of butter. I just used my measuring cup, and poured about a half of cup of the mix onto the skillet. Cook for about 2 or 3 minutes…

Then flip.

I topped mine with a little more cheese, parsley, & salsa!

Thank you to Simply Potatoes for feeding us this weekend :o)
If you are a Southerner like me, Simply Potatoes are BOGO at Publix through Tuesday/Wednesday!

Serving up at these lovely parties!

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