Wall Mounted Framed TV

Another item checked off the Summer to do list!

I’ve also managed to complete #1, #2, #7, & #11. Go me!

Every Summer begins and the possibilities are endless, and then here we sit, me with only 2 more weeks at home before I head back to my 3rd graders (one of which will be recovering from being stretched physically, emotionally, & spiritually stretched in Uganda) and I still have 6 items unchecked.

Luckily, I know there are bigger things in life :o)

I don’t have a full out tutorial of my new framed TV (it wouldn’t do you any good as I did a lot of improvising & crossing my fingers), but I’ll leave you with links to TWO great blogs who tried to walk me through my new framed TV step by step.

First let me show you where I started.

Our living room is full of soft muted tones, mostly yellow, blue, and green. The BLACK TV just wasn’t doing it for me….way too dark for this space! It seemed to BOOM, “Look at me!!”
So I went in search of a solution & came across two great tutorials….

01. How to Build a Custom TV Frame 
by Tommie & Ellie

02. Wall Mounted Disguised TV Tutorial 
by Gus and Lula

These guys really seem to know what they are doing regarding around the house projects & I appreciated their advice. If only I was a little better at cutting 45 degree angles, I could join their team!

It shouldn’t be that hard, right? But that is a whole other post!

After lots of measuring, cutting, nailing, gluing, screwing, drilling, puttying, & painting
here is the final product:

While it’s not perfect, I happen to LOVE it!! Especially how it lightens the place up :o)

Definitely check out the tutorials above for specific details!
However, a few things to think about:

After looking at this post, I decided to paint again :o) Here is how it looks as of today!

That pic, really doesn’t to the color, aging, or distressing justice, so here is a close up!

And if you aren’t up for the time & knowledge involved with building this complex frame, I was also quite inspired by PB & J Stories :o)

. . . . .

Etsy announcement:
I’ll be away July 20 – July 30 on a mission trip with Sozo Children in Kampala, Uganda. All profits from items ordered in the shop from now until we return will go to support ALL God is doing through Sozo for the children of Uganda. Orders placed during this time, will ship by August 6th!

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