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Hi sweet readers! 
My name is Ashley and I am thrilled to be guest posting for Laura Beth today.
I’m a stay-at-home mama who loves to bake, create & channel my inner Martha.
I chronicle my adventures in cloth diapers, crafting and cooking at The Pollock Potluck.

Three years ago we bought a darling house in the sleepy coastal town of Smithfield, VA.

It is a sweet home with an even sweeter history.
But like so many old homes with character and good bones, it needed work.
lots of work.
I made John promise that we could do the kitchen as our first “big” project.
Hubs agreed and I counted down the days until demo could begin.
After lots of saving, months of remodeling dust and an ever-looming finish line,
we’re finally done!


 Three years later, we have a brand new kitchen, a dream kitchen that makes my heart smile.
You should know that I have no apptitude for photography.
Forgive my terrible pictures, k?
Let’s take a step back in time and look at the kitchen in it’s original glory.
These pictures were taken the day we closed on the house.

Knowing that we were going to remodel the kitchen in the future,

we decided it would be fun to paint the cabinet doors red.

What in the world was I thinking?

I’m thankful that my tastes have matured and evolved a bit since we first moved in.


The instability of a remodel combined with the insecurities of pregnancy
are not a good combination.
trust me.

The actual remodel took about four months.
However, I’ve failed to blog about it once the work was finished
 because I wanted to wait until the kitchen was “complete.”
A year later I’ve come to the realization that this kitchen, just like this house, is a work in progress.
Nothing will ever be “complete,” and that’s okay.

So without further ado,

the grand reveal!

Here’s a little video that may help give you some perspective.

Let’s break it down a little:

lovely tall cabinets with oh-so-much storage space

We ordered custom-made, white, Shaker-style cabinets from KraftMaid.
These are solid wood & painted white instead of the Thermafoil wrapped cabinets.
I think they perfectly match our taste: smooth, clean and simple.

brushed nickel knobs and pulls

It’s funny how you fall in love with little details in a room.
These pulls are one of my favorite things about the new kitchen.

the granite countertops

We love that the granite has flecks of burgundy mixed in with the tans & grays. I have to admit: Granite wasn’t our original choice. I really wanted a wood, similar to butcher block, for the countertops. But when we looked at the durability, ease and resale value of granite, it was a no brainer. And did I mention that we found an incredible granite supplier that charged only $500 more to do our home in granite versus laminate?! Again, a no brainer.

glass doors to display some of my favorites

I adore glass doors. I don’t have lots of fancy dishes or display pieces to showcase, but they’re still so pretty. These frame the window and keep an open, light feeling coming from both sides of the room. 

a precious little window seat

Since we don’t have chairs or stool in the kitchen, this is the place where John or I sit when the other is cooking or unloading the dishes. It’s also where Luke has learned to pull up and stand independently. And an added bonus: two drawers for storage underneath!

stainless appliances

We already had the fridge and stove. The full-size dishwasher and microwave are new additions.
I love stainless and (not so secretly) love to polish it every week!

ceramic tile that resembles natural stone

This was one area where we had to compromise. Originally I wanted hardwood floors- no questions asked. Then we thought about how difficult it would be to get a perfect match to the 50-year-old hardwood floors in the adjacent dining room. And did I mention that every single room in our home (apart from the bathrooms) has hardwood floors as well? So we decided to change it up a bit and chose ceramic tile that we could install heating elements beneath. Best hidden treasure in the new & improved kitchen: heated floors!
That’s it!
The grand reveal!
 It was a long process, but SO worth it.

I still have lots of projects left to do before I can call this kitchen “finished,” including:
a cushion for the window seat
roman shades for the windows on the back wall
painting/decorating the empty back corner wall

However it’s a process, and I’m finding joy in the journey.
Thanks for letting me share today!

. . . . .

WHAT a transformation!! I think your kitchen is FABULOUS Ashley….it’s come a long way from red cabinets :o) Ashley not only renovates kitchens, her blog is full of all kinds inspiration! Head on over and check out Pollock Potluck for yourself!

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