Let’s Get Together

Anyone else out there a little overwhelmed by ALL of the social media???

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I know I can be, but I’m trying to keep up! Because let’s face it “all the cool kids bloggers are doing it!”

I must admit that I love knowing that my friends’ kids have said their first word, Chick-fil-a is giving away a free meal to anyone wearing a cow costume, & my favorite blogger has posted again,
there are other moments when I wonder why ______ (myself included) felt the need to let the world know they had toast for breakfast & are now mad at their co-worker for talking too loud on the phone.

But still I scroll…through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…the list goes on and on :o)
And I can’t really talk because I add my own day to day meanderings to the list!

Although my thoughts on social media go up and down, one thing I know for sure is it’s IMPORTANT in the world of blogging. I’ve LOVED the connections and friendships I’ve made by following some amazing women on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram. Some I even feel like I truly “know” and am planning our next coffee lemonade date. Do you want to join us?

I think it’s important to use social media to continue fostering those friendships.
Comment, LIKE, retweet, share, PIN….repeat. And I’d love to get to know you too!

Here is where you can find me…click on the type to follow along, or you can click one of those buttons over there on the right :o)

Facebook | A Step in the Journey

Facebook | I have a personal page, but also A Step in the Journey has a page where I post blog related things and share other posts that inspire me!

Twitter | stepnthejourney

I’m just getting into Twitter…but I try to “tweet” everyday.

Want to hear a joke? How much does a blogger weight? ………..an insta”gram!”
Did you laugh? My preacher told it to me…did that at least make you laugh?

Pinterest | Laura Beth Gunter 
(A Step in the Journey)

I think Pinterest might be one of my favorites. It’s SO visual & FULL of inspiration. It’s a great way to promote other blogger’s ideas & has been a great traffic source for A Step in the Journey!

Last, but not least…Google +
to be honest, I don’t use this one a whole lot…but I hear it’s GREAT for SEO, so I better start paying a closer look!

I think she really has it GOING ON!! 
And I love that she is giving us all an opportunity to network & make some new blog friends!!!
Oh, and if you don’t already have your social media buttons on your blog, Ashley at Lil Blue Boo just shared some. Click here to download the fun social media buttons, they are so cute!
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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Together”

  • Yes, I am overwhelmed. I joined Facebook when it first started and only stay to keep in touch with a few friends and family. I love Pinterest so I can organize my favorite things. I haven't tried Twitter or Google+. I haven't tried Instagram because I don't like the look of the pictures. To each his own, right?

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