Biscuit Waffles


Now, do I have a SIMPLE recipe for you…
when there is only ONE ingredient, do you even call it a recipe???

While clicking around on the Pillsbury website the other day (somehow I got signed up to receive their emails and well one thing led to another) I came across the quickest & easiest way to make waffles that I have ever seen. And if you’ve been around A Step in the Journey for a while, you know I LOVE an easy peasy recipe!


And that is ALL you need to know…I can give you a few tips though since I’m not a biscuit waffle expert!

Tip #1:
Both flaky & homestyle biscuits will work! The original recipe called for flaky, but I only had homestyle on hand. They turned out perfectly!

Tip #2:
While the pictures show that I made two waffles at a time, I found on my small waffle maker, doing one at a time turned out a little better, as in they were evenly cooked throughout.

Tip #3:
Press down on your waffle maker or lock it shut to flatten out the puffy biscuits.

Tip #4: 
To get that lovely golden color, cook about 2 minutes.

Tip #5:
ALL waffles taste better with peanut butter, bananas, confectioner’s sugar, & syrup!

And that’s about it! Do you have a favorite breakfast item that you can whip up on the fly?

Oh, and before I go…I thought I’d back up from my photo shoot to see what lengths I go to for a pretty picture & some direct sunlight :o) Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this???

Serving up at these lovely parties!

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