731 Days

Dear III, you complete me, I never really understood Tom Cruise until I married you. Dear 731* days,  you might just be filled with the best moments in life so far. Dear iPad, thanks for creeping your way into III’s subconscious & willing him to buy it for our anniversary gift (covered in cotton balls keeping with the 2 year theme). Dear Subliminal Messages, I’m so glad you work. Job well done. Dear Cotton, you are a trickier anniversary gift that paper, but I came up with something. Dear First Year Anniversary Gift, we are glad we got to add California to your markings with our trip to San Francisco last Fall. Dear Max, year two wouldn’t be the same without you. You are the best four legged son we could ask for (minus your rooster calls). Dear Africa, I can’t wait to begin our 3rd year of marriage loving you and your people. T-minus 3 days! Dear Chapter 3, I can’t wait to see what you & God hold for us. Dear husband of 2 years, thank you for loving me, encouraging me, holding me accountable, guiding me, laughing with me, and filling these past two years with all I could hope for. I Love You!

*It’s 731 because this year was a leap year adding one extra day :o) Just for those of you checking my math…because I would do something like that!

. . . . .

Etsy announcement:
I’ll be away July 20 – July 30 on a mission trip with Sozo Children in Kampala, Uganda. All profits from items ordered in the shop from now until we return will go to support ALL God is doing through Sozo for the children of Uganda. Orders placed during this time, will ship by August 6th!

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