DIY T-Shirt Knotted Headband Tutorial


III leaves around every morning at 7:15. Since I’m on Summer vacation I don’t necessarily have to get up.  The covers call my name, & I am so tempted to answer them. And to be honest I sometimes do, but most days I throw on my tennis shoes grab Max & head out for a morning walk. We have to get it in early because our sweet boy has A LOT of hair & doesn’t like to be out very long if it’s over 75 degrees. And after our traumatic experience in April…he pretty much gets what he wants.

So basically everyday we walk somewhere between one & two miles…and everyday when I get home, my hair looks something like this!

I wanted a cute fix, so I didn’t some pinteresting…and I found this awesome crocheted knotted headband.

{Source: You Seriously Made That?}

One problem though, I don’t know how to crochet :o/

So, I followed her tutorial the best I could using fabric from a t-shirt instead of crocheted chains. Here is how it went down:

01. Find a t-shirt that you don’t wear. If you can’t find one let me know, and I’ll send one your way. I have TONS.

02. Cut width wise all the way across right under the design or the sleeves.

03. The cut into two 1″ strips. I forgot to take a picture, but I also cut a 1″ strip from one of the sleeves.

04. If you stretch them out, they will curl up like this & it will add a lot of length.
Here is what you have to start with…

05. Take one of the LONG strips and loop like below…make sure the right side is on top of the left. It should look like one of those ribbons people wear to support different causes (I’m sure it has a politically correct name).

06. Now take the other LONG piece & lay it on top in a U shape.

07. Now take the bottom right of the ribbon shaped piece & place it on top of the U.

08. Next, take the left side of the U and place it under the top of the ribbon piece, under the loop.

09. Now this is the hardest part to explain. I’m going to do my best & then cross my fingers that it makes sense to you!

Take the right piece of the U and place it over the right side of the ribbon loop, then under that middle piece (which is the left side of your U), and then back on top of the left side of the loop.  Look at the picture if you need help!

10. Now pull the four ends out…try to pull them the same amount so that these strings will be equal in length. Pull a little at a time until your fancy knot forms.

11. Now let’s connect it so you can wear it as a headband. Lay your knotted piece on it’s side with the ends towards you.

12.  Thread the sleeve piece through the four loops.

13. And TIE in a normal, not fancy knot.

And there you have it! I hope I was clear enough & the pictures were able to straighten out any confusion!! Slip it over your head & run walk like there is no tomorrow!

 **Okay, so looking at this picture it looks like my hair would still be in my face…but I have longer bags, so they actually are tucked behind the headband. Promise.

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